All You Need to Know About Best Western Corporate

A Comprehensive Guide to Best Western Corporate

Best Western Corporate is globally recognized and respected in the hotel and hospitality industry. With significant dedication to customer service and continuous drive for innovation, this corporation has established its footprint in numerous countries across continents.

History and Growth of Best Western Corporate

Founded in 1946, Best Western Corporate has a rich history that intertwines with the growth and evolution of the lodging industry. The initial years of the corporation saw it first make a name for itself within the American motel industry. Today, it proudly stands as a leading name in the global hospitality industry, demonstrating immense resilience and adaptability.

Innovative Approach In Hospitality

Best Western Corporate has always prioritized setting industry standards. The provision of high-quality services, taking advantage of the latest technology trends, and considering customer convenience has always been at the forefront of the corporation’s approach to hospitality.

Best Western Corporate’s Global Presence

With over 4,300 hotels in over 100 countries, Best Western Corporate’s global presence is influential and undeniable. Massive expansion over the years has seen this corporation venture into new territories and establish strong holds where they are recognized as the standard for quality hospitality.

The Strength of Brand Portfolio

Boasting an impressive brand portfolio, Best Western Corporate houses several hotel brands under its banner that cater to a wide array of consumers. Each brand retains a unique charm and is designed to offer different experiences whilst maintaining the high-quality service that is synonymous with the corporation.

Inclusion and Diversity at Best Western Corporate

Best Western Corporate is a staunch supporter of diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity within its workforce. The corporation boasts a comprehensive equal opportunity employment policy that covers all bases, ensuring that every employee feels welcomed, valued, and important.

Sustainability Practices at Best Western Corporate

The corporation places immense emphasis on sustainability. Numerous initiatives and practices have been set in place to ensure that the corporation’s activities do not harm the environment. The corporation also runs several programs targeting energy efficiency, waste management, and recycling.

Best Western Corporate Loyalty Programs

Best Western Corporate offers exclusive loyalty programs known as Best Western Rewards. This program offers a wide range of benefits, including free-night stays, gift cards, airline reward points, and more to regular customers.

Best Western Corporate in the Community

Apart from offering world-class hospitality services, Best Western Corporate also actively contributes to local communities through corporate social responsibility initiatives. Examples of these initiatives include community outreach programs, scholarships and the active support of charities.

Best Western Corporate is not just about the provision of hospitality services – it’s a corporation that always puts its customers first, maintains a high-quality standard, fosters innovation, embraces diversity, and actively contributes to the community while adopting best practices for sustainability. With a rich history, a global presence, and innovative approach, Best Western Corporate continues to influence the global hospitality industry.

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