Comprehensive Guide to Howard Johnson’s Locations Across the Globe


When it comes to providing affordable, comfortable, and homely accommodation, Howard Johnson is a name trusted by millions worldwide. With locations spread across various continents, this brand continues to offer unparalleled hospitality services to its clients. This article presents a detailed sweep of all Howard Johnson’s locations globally.

Part 1: Howard Johnson’s Legacy – The Journey So Far

Howard Johnson’s brand has carved a niche for itself in the hospitality sector due to its unwavering dedication to service and comfort. Known for its orange-roofed restaurants and motor lodges, the brand began its journey in the 1920s in Massachusetts, eventually expanding its footprint across the globe.

Part 2: Howard Johnson Across North America

Howard Johnson’s timely hospitality and excellent services have been a staple in North America. From the breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies to the gentle Gulf breeze on the south of the border, there’s a Howard Johnson to suit every location.

Part 3: Discovering Europe with Howard Johnson

Europe’s rich history and magnificent architecture become more enjoyable with the presence of Howard Johnson hotels across this majestic continent. Towering castles or calming seaside towns, there’s a Howard Johnson near every picturesque locale in Europe.

Part 4: Asian Odyssey with Howard Johnson

Experience the vibrant and diverse cultures of Asia with Howard Johnson. The brand has a substantial presence across Asia, providing excellent service and homely comfort to all its guests, making their Asian adventure more memorable.

Part 5: Howard Johnson in the Land Down Under

From the sprawling Outback to the dynamic harbor city of Sydney, Howard Johnson ensures a comfortable stay throughout Australia. The brand’s unique combination of service and location makes it a popular choice among travelers.

Part 6: Howard Johnson’s Presence in South America

Howard Johnson’s exceptional hospitality extends to the Americas’ southern part, boasting hotels in key South American destinations. From the roaring Iguazu Falls to the vibrant Andean heartland, there’s a Howard Johnson to add comfort to every exploration journey.

Part 7: The Howard Johnson Experience in Africa

Howard Johnson has established its presence even in Africa. From the lush African savannahs to its modern cities, Howard Johnson offers excellent service and comfortable accommodation throughout the continent.

Conclusion: Howard Johnson – A Brand Synonymous with Comfort

With an extensive network spanning continents, Howard Johnson is a household name in the global hospitality industry. Offering a wide range of services and comfort levels to suit varied customer needs, Howard Johnson aims to make every stay a memorable one. Regardless of where you plan to travel, chances are, a Howard Johnson hotel is nearby.

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