5 Top Hotels Welcoming 18-Year-Olds for Check-In: A Detailed Guide


Our detailed guide about hotels welcoming 18-year-olds for check-in is a valuable resource for young voyagers navigating the often puzzling realm of hotel age policies.

The Essence of Hotel Age Policies

Understanding why some hotels enforce age restrictions is essential. Often, these limitations exist due to legal considerations or potential damage concerns. However, more and more establishments are acknowledging the rising market of young voyagers and modifying their policies to accommodate them.

Hotels Allowing 18-Year-Olds to Check-In

We present an exhaustive list of hotels allowing check-ins by individuals aged 18.

  1. Extended Stay America – Renowned for its roomy accommodations and kitchen amenities, this hotel chain welcomes 18-year-olds at most of their branches.

  2. Best Western – Operating over 4,200 hotels globally, Best Western allows guests who are 18 and above to check in at all their locations.

  3. Motel 6 – A budget-friendly chain, Motel 6 is a favourite among young voyagers since they permit 18-year-olds to check in across all their branches.

  4. La Quinta Inns & Suites – This chain also accommodates 18-year-old guests.

hotels welcoming 18-year-olds for check-in

Suggestions for Young Voyagers

Young voyagers can employ certain strategies to ensure a seamless hotel experience.

  1. Contact the Hotel in Advance – Always reach out to the hotel beforehand to verify their age policy.

  2. Reserve Directly – Reserving directly through the hotel’s website often results in more flexible terms.

  3. Explore Other Accommodations – If you face challenges finding a hotel, consider hostels or vacation rental properties, which generally have more relaxed age policies. You can also read our the ultimate guide to Paris room service experiencing French luxury the right way.

Common Queries About Hotel Age Policies for 18-Year-Olds

We address some frequently asked questions about hotel age restrictions in this section.

  1. Why do hotels enforce minimum age requirements for check-in?
    Hotels may impose age restrictions due to various reasons, such as legal liability, insurance issues, or past incidents of property damage.

  2. Is it possible for someone under 18 to book a hotel room?
    While booking a hotel room under 18 is generally more challenging, as most hotels require guests to be at least 18 years old to check in, some hotels and states do permit it under certain conditions.

  3. What action can I take if I’m denied check-in due to my age?
    If you’re denied check-in because of your age and weren’t informed about the hotel’s age policy earlier, you can request a refund or look for another hotel with a more relaxed policy. You can learn more about this by visiting Wikipedia.

Final Words

While understanding hotel policies as an 18-year-old might be complex, numerous establishments accommodate young travellers. By conducting thorough research, contacting hotels in advance, and reserving directly, you can discover the ideal accommodation that meets your requirements.

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