Unveiling the Wonders of China Peak Mountain Resort: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

The Magic of China Peak Mountain Resort: An Affair with Nature and Adventure

Enveloped within the serenity of Sierra National Forest is the cherished China Peak Mountain Resort. Celebrating its roots back to 1958, this year-round paradise has become the go-to destination for those seeking both thrilling adventure and tranquil solitude.

China Peak Mountain Resort: Serenity At New Heights

A namesake of the majestic China Peak, the resort finds its home close to the clouds, standing tall at approximately 7,000 feet. Crowned by a breathtaking snow-clad panorama, this location has made it a favoured spot for multiple outdoor activities like thrill-inducing downhill skiing, adrenaline pumping mountain biking, and peaceful hiking.

A Treasure Trove of Outdoor Pursuits at China Peak Mountain Resort

A plethora of recreational opportunities await visitors of all ages. Dusted with 1,200 skiable acres, 45 uniquely varied runs, 7 efficient ski lifts, and an impressive vertical drop of 1,679 feet, it is a dreamland for skiers during the snowy season. Unveiling the unparalleled splendour of snowy mountains near you has never been more captivating.

China Peak Mountain Resort

China Peak Mountain Resort, an invigorating blend of adventure and serenity

As seasons shift, China Peak Mountain Resort transforms into a vibrant base for a variety of water sports. Opportunities for scenic chair lift rides or kayaking by the serene shores of the Huntington Lake are abundant, ensuring a summer filled with delightful memories.

Experience Winter’s Excitement: Downhill Skiing at China Peak Mountain Resort

Covering a wide spectrum of skiing terrains, China Peak creates a playground for skiers, regardless of their proficiency. The resort’s in-house professional ski instructors provide a fun, yet secure environment for learners at every level.

Exciting Trails for Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

Summers at China Peak Mountain Resort present a paradise for biking aficionados. Catering to numerous adventurous spirits, the resort offers an expansive bike park, along with the Epic Single Track, a trail totaling over 29 miles across the Sierra National Forest.

Culinary art in American resorts is worth experiencing.

A Culinary Journey to Remember

After a day full of outdoor exploits, guests can unwind and relish the varied and delectable food offerings at the resort’s restaurants. Ranging from homely comfort food in a cozy ambiance to classy dining experiences amid stunning mountain and lake views, there is something for everyone’s palate.

Comfortable Lodgings with a View at China Peak

China Peak Mountain Resort presents a broad spectrum of lodging choices. From budget-friendly economy suites to extravagant deluxe rooms, there is a perfect fit for every guest. Accommodations are complemented by remarkable amenities such as outdoor heated pools, along with breathtaking nature-infused views straight from the rooms.

The Stunning Surroundings of China Peak Mountain

Tourists at China Peak Mountain Resort can satiate their wanderlust by exploring the charming towns of Shaver Lake and Hunting Lake located nearby. These hidden gems offer a plethora of attractions and activities like scenic boat rides, calming fishing sessions, and exciting horseback riding adventures.


China Peak Mountain Resort transcends the typical holiday experience, unveiling a world layered with nature-infused adventure and serene beauty. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a peace chaser, China Peak emerges as the perfect holiday destination.

A paradise that oscillates from a thrilling winter sports hub to a captivating summer retreat, the resort’s allure is persistent. Paired with its luxuriously comfortable amenities and a myriad of palate-pleasing culinary options, China Peak Mountain Resort is an undeniable addition to everyone’s travel wish-list.

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